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This edition of Pelviperineology is the final edition of Volume 26 and is the Previous Issueof our first year in English. We have seen a steady growth in interest in the journal with 4 international societies currently negotiating to collaborate with Pelviperineology and produce the journal in their region. Pelviperineology is printed in the same format around the world and in some countries is accompanied by a local language edition or a newsletter.

One of the societies that we will be working closely with in the future is the International Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Society. The IPFDS is an organization whose aims and agenda are very similar to AAVIS. Unfortunately the IPFDS has been forced to cancel the planned meeting in Moscow this April due to logistic reasons and rather than allow the society to have no meeting this year AAVIS has issued an invitation to the IPFDS to join us in our 10th Annual Scientific Meeting at Padua and Venice in 2008. The combined AAVIS-IPFDS meeting looks like being an excellent combination of the old world and the new. Already a number of workshops and symposia have been planned and now a number of new speakers and topics have been brought into the program.

The Congress in Venice will be preceded by workshops and symposia to be held at the University of Padua. These include a cadaver workshop in the anatomy department at Padua where an anatomy school has been located since the 13th century. Carl Zimmerman and Richard Reid will host a workshop on Vaginal Focal Defect Repair. Dr Bernie Brenner will conduct his excellent workshop on Ethics with special emphasis on dealing with commercial pressures in practice and relating with colleagues. Peter Petros will conduct his workshop on the Integral Theory and TFS device. There will be a number of other sessions relating to incontinence, prolapse and new technologies. A special session will be dedicated to the assessment and management of obstructed defecation with a parallel session on voiding difficulty.

This year AAVIS will be trialing a new system of abstract presentation. All abstracts submitted will be accepted and displayed at the meeting and on the internet for one month prior to the meeting. Each registered attendee at the meeting will have the opportunity to vote on the abstracts. The best abstracts will be announced in the final session and published in this journal.

Further information regarding our expanded program will be posted on the AAVIS Website at www.aavis.org as it becomes available.

On a sad note the end of 2007 was marked by the death of Professor Ahmed Shafik from Cairo. A doctor of immense stature in Europe and South America where he had a very high profile but less well known in the English speaking world Professor Shafik stood out as a leader in his chosen field. You will find two separate tributes to Professor Shafik within this edition of the journal.


The Editors