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Perineology Or Pelviperineology: The Same Goal But Different Approaches

by Jacques Beco (Liège, Belgium) - Jack Mouchel (Le Mans, France)

The name perineology was used for the first time in 1990 by Giuseppe Dodi. This colo-proctological surgeon used the name in an editorial of the journal Rivista Italiana di Colon-proctologia to speak about a new speciality dedicated to the management of all the functional pelvic floor disorders. 1

Independently, a group of French and Belgian physicians and physiotherapists created the Groupement Européen de Périnéologie (GEP) and developed the concept of perineology, wrote a book about the subject 2 and published the definition of perineology 2-6 developing the subject well beyond Dodi’s original vision.

According to this group, perineology can be described as:

Because of the strong limits of the concept (avoiding certain surgical procedures, only one specialist dealing with the patient...) and of a more “from the top” (endopelvic) vision of the pelvic floor, some physicians in France and Italy are more comfortable with the term pelviperineology. Pelviperineology includes all the aspects of the management of the pelvic floor without any restriction and refers to a more multidisciplinary approach.

Whilst perineology and pelviperineology are both using a global approach to obtain better patient outcomes, there may be differences in how this goal is achieved but confrontation of ideas is the only way to progress. It will be our pleasure to present a “GEP’s corner” in the journal to review regularly some aspects of perineology and to introduce the concept to those of you who may be interested in learning more about this exciting and evolving area of medicine.


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