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Figures in Original Article by Elena Andretta (*) - Lisa Pola (*) - Mauro Pastorello (**)

Urinary retention in women with isolated Stage 3 rectocele

(*) Urology Department - General Hospital, Dolo (Venice) - (**) Urology Department - Sacro Cuore Hospital, Negrar (Verona)

(Fig. 1)

Posterior colpocele

Fig. 1. – Case 1. - Posterior colpocele evident with the patient straining in the supine position: labia minora and clitoris are absent and the urethral meatus is not visible.

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(Fig. 2)

Straddling and pulling up the labia majora

Fig. 2. – Case 1. - Straddling and pulling up the labia majora the urethral meatus becomes visible and it is appreciable the obstructive effect on it by the rectocele.

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(Fig 3)


Fig. 3. – Case 1. - Cystocolpodefecography in sitting position during straining; the posterior colpocele is caused by a significant rectocoele.

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