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intravesical tape remove

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Case Report by Stavros Charalambous - Chisovalantis Tountziaris - Charalambos Karapanagiotidis - Charalambos Thamnopoulos Papathanasiou - Vasilios Rombis

Department of Urology, “Hippokratio” General Hospital of Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki, Greece


A simple technique for intravesical tape removal

(Fig. 1)

Resection of intravesical mesh

Figure 1. – Resection of intravesical mesh during a cystoscopy using a resectoscope.

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(Fig. 2)

mesh (3 cm)  removed

Fig. 2. – The free piece of mesh (3 cm) has been removed from inside the bladder by a grasper.


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